Jazz 4G Devices Offer For Every User

Jazz 4G Devices Offer For Every User

4G Devices
Get Jazz Super 4G WiFi device now​

Jazz Super 4G WIFI

  • 4G Speed Upto 150 Mbps
  • Supports Micro SD Card to 32 GB
  • Battery Capacity 2300mAh
  • Plug and Play No Installation
  • One Tap Setting Through Mobile App
  • Warranty
    Dial *5299# for Home delivery
    Rs. 7,000

Revolutionizing internet connectivity, Jazz’s 4G devices are changing the game.

These devices redefine communication and connectivity. Stay connected no matter where or when with the must-have Jazz 4G devices for modern lifestyles.

Elevate your online experience with uninterrupted speed and stability using Jazz’s 4G devices.

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