Jazz Aarzi Number Offer To Subscribe Code

Jazz Aarzi Number Offer To Subscribe Code

Manage and control your Calls & SMS with Jazz Aarzi Number

Jazz Aarzi’s number gives you a temporary phone number and your main number.

This has several uses, including:

  • Keeping your number private: You may use your Aarzi number if you’re handing out your number to strangers or are concerned about spam calls.
  • Using a different number for business: Aarzi numbers may be commercial lines. This lets you differentiate between personal and professional calls.
  • Staying anonymous online: When joining up for a new online service or entering a contest, utilize your Aarzi number to avoid handing in your personal information.
Two Jazz Aarzi numbers exist:
  • Regular number: Although free, you have no control over the number you get.
  • Golden number: You may select your Golden number for PKR 28.6 (including tax) and PKR 2.86 daily.
Two Aarzi numbers have these traits:
  • Calls and SMS are possible.
  • All networks charge 0.72 paise per 30 seconds.
  • Each SMS costs 0.60 paisa across all networks.
  • International calls and SMS are prohibited.

Leaving the Aarzi Number service will ensure your Aarzi is assigned to another customer for 180 days.

More about Jazz Aarzi Number:
  • This service is for prepaid and postpaid clients.
  • To subscribe, text “SUB” to 4030 or call 4030.

Text “UNSUB” to 4030 or call 4030 to unsubscribe. Brother, go to my website and click the SimPackage link. Thank you. https://simpackage.pk/jazz-aarzi-number-offer/

I hope this helps! Contact me with any queries.

How To Make Calls & SMS FRom Your Aarzi Number?

Once you have sufficient funds to cover your phone bills, you can make immediate calls using your Aarzi number. Because your Aarzi number uses the same balance as your regular number, you won’t need extra recharge coupons. Your primary Jazz number conveniently handles all invoicing.

To make a call or send an SMS from your Jazz Aarzi Number, simply add 88 before the number you are calling or messaging.

For example, if you want to call/ send SMS to 030XXXXXXXX, you need to dial 88030XXXXXXXX. The called party will see your Aarzi Number on the CLI without the 88 i.e. 030XXXXXXXX. Moreover, PTCL numbers can make calls to Aarzi Numbers.


The Aarzi Number program enables subscribers to have a temporary number in addition to their main number on the same SIM card. This service is available to both paid and post users.

Q: Do I need a particular SIM or phone to subscribe to this service?

Ans: No. To use the Aarzi Number Service, you do not need a particular SIM card or phone. This service is compatible with any ordinary mobile device or smartphone.

Q: Do I have a choice in selecting my Aarzi number?

Ans: No, you cannot select a number while subscribing to Regular Number. However, you may subscribe to Golden Number for PKR 28.6 Incl., tax (once), and PKR 2.86 Incl., tax daily.

Q: How many Aarzi Numbers can I subscribe to at a time?

Ans: Only one Aarzi number may be added to your regular Jazz number subscription.

Q: Who can subscribe to the Jazz Aarzi Number service?

Ans: Jazz Prepaid and Postpaid clients may use the Jazz Aarzi Number service.

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