Jazz Lite Offer to Right Code

Jazz Lite Offer to Right Code

Jazz Lite is a Pakistani prepaid mobile phone plan. This plan is cheap for light callers and data users.

Here are the details of the Jazz Lite offer:

  • Validity: Lifetime Fitness
  • Call charges: Jazz-to-Jazz calls cost Rs. 1.80 per 30 seconds.
  • Rs. 1.80/30 seconds for inter-network calls
  • SMS charges: Rs. 2.15 SMS
  • Mobile internet: Rs. 5/MB
  • Jazz Lite has no monthly or activation costs.
Jazz Lite is a good option for users who:
  • Call or text a couple of times
  • Minimise mobile data utilization.
  • Budget-minded
  • Heavy mobile data users may choose a Jazz bundle with additional data.
Here are some of the benefits of using Jazz Lite:
  • Affordable: Jazz Lite is one of their cheapest prepaid packages.
  • Simple: Jazz Lite has simple terminology. Simple, easy-to-understand packaging.
  • Convenient: Charge your Jazz Lite account online, via the Jazz app, or at any Jazz store.

Jazz Lite is an economical and easy prepaid cellular service plan.

I hope it helps! Any more questions?


Jazz Lite is meant to fit in your pocket and allow you to express yourself freely with friends and family with 30-second charging.

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