Jazz Super Mahana Offer With Activate Code

Jazz Super Mahana Offer With Activate Code

Jazz Pakistan offers prepaid bundles like Super Mahana.

The Jazz Super Mahana Offer’s description and features don’t include 2024. The package includes data, minutes, and SMS for a specified price and validity time but no 2024 details.

Jazz Pakistan offers prepaid bundles like Super Mahana.

  • The offer expires in 30 days. Members pay Rs. 565 (tax included).
  • Call *529# from your Jazz prepaid phone to subscribe.
  • Use the DIAL 5292# to check your offer status.
  • The Jazz Super Mahana offer is exclusive to Karachi and Rahim Yar.

Notes on the Jazz Super Mahana Offer:

  • Overages cost Rs. 2/MB.
  • Subscribe again after 30 days by dialing *529# since the deal is non-recursive.
  • The offer is subject to change.
  • You may subscribe many times.
  • The deal excludes call setup costs.

https://simpackage.pk/ Jazz has prepaid members.

I can suggest some options, depending on your question:

Valid 2024: Does the Jazz Super Mahana Offer apply in 2024? As of January 10, 2024, the deal is valid.

Your question may be if the Jazz Super Mahana Offer’s pricing will change in 2024. Since Jazz hasn’t announced any adjustments, the pricing of Rs. 565 (with tax) is anticipated to continue into 2024.

You may be searching for 2024 Jazz mobile bundles. While unconfirmed, Jazz may announce new offerings this year. For announcements, follow their website or social media.

All about 2024: General information may also interest you. I can provide fascinating facts or forecasts regarding technology, events, or trends.

Please clarify so I can respond to your request. Please tell me about the Jazz Super Mahana Offer and 2024. The more information you provide, the better my answer.


Jazz carries another compelling proposal for the citizens of Karachi and Rahim Yar Khan!

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