Jazz Zero Balance Call Offer With Activate Code

Jazz Zero Balance Call Offer With Activate Code

Stay connected with your friends & family with Zero Balance.

Pakistani Jazz prepaid subscribers may use the Jazz Zero Balance phone offer to phone and text with no balance. Offer summary:


  • Weekly fee: Rs 10.00 (including tax)
  • Subscription code: Dial *600#


Default bundle (free with subscription):

  • scheduled call.
  • SMS.
  • call misses.

Top-up bundle (charged on successful recharge):

  • reserved calls
  • SMS
  • missed calls
  • MB of mobile data
How it works:
  • Get the service by calling *600#.
  • When you have no balance, utilize reserved calls or dial *600# again to place a missed call to any number.
  • The receiver will get a missed Jazz call from 0923.
  • Upgrade your Jazz account to get the complete calls, SMS, and data package.
Additional details:
  • Check your ZBC account balance and information by calling *600#.
  • Unsubscribe by calling *600# and following the instructions.
  • SMS and calls made via ZBC will show up in your history.
Is the Jazz Zero Balance Call offer right for you?

If you need to call or send a message but do not have any balance, the Jazz Zero Balance Call offer may be handy. However, it is crucial to understand that this is not a free service and that fees are associated with it. Consider if the weekly membership price and per-call expenses are worthwhile for your needs.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:
  • The service is exclusively accessible to Jazz Prepaid subscribers.
  • The missed call notice issued to the receiver does not name you as the sender.
  • The service may only be available in some locations.
  • I hope this helps! Please get in touch with me if you have any other questions regarding the Jazz Zero Balance Call offer.


The Zero Balance Call assistance lets prepaid clients make calls, send SMS to B-party, and use portable data when they have no balance.

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