Jazz Bima Sehat Offer to Subscribe Code

Jazz Bima Sehat Offer to Subscribe Code

Get insured for your medical needs.

The policy is available at four coverage levels, with the following benefits:


Another useful service from BIMA is now available! Subscribing to the BIMA Sehat product now will secure your family’s future! BIMA Sehat offers monthly hospitalization insurance coverage with health services that the Subscriber pays for with daily deductions from his/her airtime balance.‚Äč

A monthly postpaid fee from the subscriber covers the cost of Jazz Bima Sehat’s hospitalization insurance coverage with health services. Hospital stays for surgeries. Other medical costs are covered under the program.

Jazz Bima Sehat offers artwork as a new window simpackage.pk Offer of Jazz Bima Sehat

The insurance, which has four levels of coverage, provides the following benefits:

Apart from being covered for hospitalization and surgery, the policy also offers the following advantages:
  • Unlimited M-health: Via the BIMA Sehat mobile app, subscribers may access various health-related services, including scheduling lab tests, consulting doctors, and accessing medical information.
  • Free ambulance service: Subscribers can request a free ambulance service in an emergency.

You may text “BIMA Sehat” to 9878 or phone 042-111-119-878 to become a subscriber to Jazz Bima Sehat. A representative will contact you within 24 hours of business hours to walk you through the subscription process.

After the first year of coverage, the coverage can be renewed for an additional year by paying the yearly premium.

How to subscribe?

Contact 042-111-119-878 or SMS “BIMA Sehat” to 9878 and an agent will contact* you to guide and assist you in subscribing to the service. *An agent from MILVIK will call you within 24 working hours. Sending an SMS to 9878 is free of charge.

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