Jazz Postpaid Conference Call Offer to Activated Code

Jazz Postpaid Conference Call Offer to Activated Code

Talk to four people at one time!​


You may add up to four numbers to a conference call using the Conference call function, including on-net, off-net, and international lines. According to the package plan, each call record will be considered and paid as a new call. If you have free minutes, they will be used first, followed by the amount on your principal account. Conference calls are accessible on all prepaid and postpaid plans. The postpaid conference call service costs Rs. 50 per month.

No Jazz Postpaid Conference Call Offer exists; however, two services are available.

Conference Call Feature:

Basic service is accessible on all postpaid lines without a subscription.
You may add four on-net, off-net, and overseas participants.
According to your postpaid package plan, the call logs will be invoiced as fresh calls.
You’ll use your free minutes first, then your account balance.
only *111# to activate. To deactivate, call *111#.

Jazz Gold Packages:

Diamond Plus and Ultimate Jazz Gold postpaid packages feature free conference calls and additional advantages.
6,000 Jazz and 400 network minutes are available for conference calls with Gold Plus.
Check your Gold package for conference call minutes.

Here are some additional points to consider:

Meeting call prices depend on the participants’ networks and locations.
Despite not offering a specific conference call offer with lower prices, Jazz often offers promotional packages with extra time or talk reductions. This may benefit frequent conference call customers.
This information should help! Please inquire about Jazz postpaid conference call possibilities.

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