Postpaid Jazz My Status Offer With Subscribe Code

Postpaid Jazz My Status Offer With Subscribe Code

Let your loved ones know how you feel about Jazz My Status


When you get a call, you can use Jazz My Status to send a status update to the calling person. You may send messages to your friends, family, and a bigger network in this manner even before you call them.

Jazz My Status enables Pakistani Jazz postpaid subscribers to define unique “statuses” for callers. This might be a great method to update guests on your activities, feelings, or anything else.

Here are some things to keep in mind about the Jazz My Status offer:

Only Jazz callers will see your status.
The status won’t show if the caller blocked your number.
Landline callers won’t see the status.
Jazz My Status is a fun and unique call customization tool. Please try it; Jazz postpaid customers in Pakistan!

Here are some key details about the Jazz My Status offer:

Monthly subscription:
Validity: To subscribe, dial *969# or text “sub” to 6085.
Monthly. To unsubscribe, dial *969# or text “unsub” to 6085.


Various contacts or groups might have various statuses.

Choose from pre-written statuses or create your own.

You may preview your status before posting.

You may see your status views.

Please find this information useful. Please ask if you have further queries.

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