Jazz Mobile Apps and (How to use it?)

Jazz Mobile Apps and (How to use it?)

Jazz World: Manage My Number
Jazz Experience
Jazz Drive
JAZZ PARHO: A Learning App
Jazz Discount Bazar
Jazz Cricket: Live Scores
Jazz Smart Plus
Jazz WiFi
Jazz Tunes
JazzCash Business
Jazz WiFi22
Jazz WiFi Device (Working!)
JazzCash Retailer
Jazz Game World

​Travel Pakistan with Mosafir!

Watch Live TV, Live Cricket and Sports, Full-length movies, and Dramas on your mobile

Get real-time weather updates, insightful forecasts, and a vibrant community of weather enthusiasts!

​Get all your favorite shows, movies, and exclusive content in one place!

Jazz SmartPlus
Venture into the MediaTech ambit with Jazz SmartPlus!

Learn 12 different languages in just ten minutes a day.​

​Your Workout Partner Anywhere, Anytime

​Short Video platform where entertainment meets creativity. Watch, Create, and Upload

Game Now
​Play Unlimited Games NOW!

Discover over 30,000 podcasts—news, comedy, music, FM radio, science, health & fitness, and many more! ​

Redefining entertainment​


Jazz Disney Magical

Get a wide variety of exclusive and original content, all on one platform.

Jazz Secureteen Service
​SecureTeen empowers parents to monitor and filter their kids’ web activities on mobile phones and tablets.

Jazz Discount Bazar
Mega deals are just a tap away

Jazz Cricket
Cricket info at your fingertips

Jazz World
Manage your Jazz account on your smartphone

Jazz Parho
Enjoy learning!

Stream your favorite music!

Jazz Drive
Personal cloud storage services

Islam World
Familiarize yourself with knowledge of Islam

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