Jazz Postpaid Call Forwarding Offer to Subscribe Code

Jazz Postpaid Call Forwarding Offer to Subscribe Code

Forward your calls when you can’t take one


Call Forwarding enables you to route incoming calls to your Voice Mail or another JAZZ GSM number when your number is busy, inaccessible, or you do not want to be bothered. These basic yet necessary services are given free of charge to all JAZZ GSM subscribers and are immediately enabled with your connection (except for Call Forwarding, which has minor call rates according to your package plan).

Basic call forwarding:

Divert calls to another Jazz GSM number.

Jazz voicemail.

Free and immediate activation with a Jazz postpaid subscription.

Sent calls incur normal call rates determined by the receiver (Jazz number or mailbox).

Additional Details:

The Jazz Self-Care app or codes may configure call forwarding settings such as circumstances (busy, inaccessible, or unavailable) and recipient numbers.

Consider and use your postpaid plan since large call forwarding volumes may raise costs.


Jazz Missed Call Alert: Get an SMS when someone calls while your phone is occupied—Rs 10+ tax activation fee.

Jazz Auto Reply: Play an automatic message when someone calls while you’re occupied. Charges depend on message length.

Remember, these are the essentials. Check the Jazz website or contact customer care for call-forwarding options and prices on your postpaid plan.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions about Jazz postpaid call forwarding.

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