Jazz Rozgar Offer With Activation Code

Jazz Rozgar Offer With Activation Code

Jobs at your doorstep.

Jazz Rozgar provides prepaid and postpaid services to consumers.

Prepaid Jazz Rozgar:

  • Cost: Rs. 7.15/week
  • Subscribe: Text “Sub” to 3711 or call 3711.
  • Unsubscribe: Send “Unsub” to 3711.
  • Notify you of Gulf blue-collar jobs that meet your requirements.
  • Jazz Rozgaar phone center for profile building and job category choosing.
  • Partners contact shortlisted candidates for training and interviews.
Postpaid Jazz Rozgar:
  • Per month: Rs. 14.28
  • Subscribe: by message or call 3711 with “Sub.”
  • Uniscribe: Text “Unsub” to 3711.
  • Prepaid option with a monthly subscription instead of weekly.
Additional Information:

Register and apply for employment on Jazz Rozgaar’s website: https://simpackage.pk/jazz-rozgar-offer/.
The service targets laborers seeking Gulf jobs.
Jazz Rozgaar expands work opportunities by partnering with Gulf recruiters.

I hope this helps! Please ask me anything more about Jazz Rozgar.


Jazz Rozgaar assists Pakistan’s labor population in finding work in Gulf nations such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait. Users may build their profile by dialing Jazz Rozgaar call center 3711 and selecting the job category. Once the category is chosen, the user will get updates about the most recent blue-collar jobs that meet his requirements. Partner recruiters in Gulf nations will contact shortlisted candidates for further training and to arrange job interviews for applied positions after applying. Users may apply for jobs in the following categories: Construction, Carpenter, Services (Drivers / Waiters), Electric Worker, and Mechanic.

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