Jazz Beep Call Offer With Activated Code

Jazz Beep Call Offer With Activated Code

No balance, no problem!​


You may use Beep Call to produce a missed call on On-net and Off-net lines that have insufficient balance. We assure you that you are constantly connected with this service. All Jazz prepaid clients may use the service.

Using Jazz Pakistan’s Jazz Beep Call service, you may notify another Jazz mobile number that you are attempting to contact them by sending them a brief “beep” signal that lasts three seconds. If someone can wait to answer the phone, it’s convenient to attract their attention.

Here’s a breakdown of the offer:
  • Subscription fees are not necessary. All Jazz prepaid clients may use this feature.
  • To begin using the service, text “SUB” to 5188.
  • Dialing another Jazz number and hanging up as soon as the dial tone sounds will send a beep to that number.
  • A notice with your number and a “beep” sound will be sent to the receiver.
  • You get free shipping on your first beep of the day. Beeps on the same day cost Rs. 0.12 (tax included) apiece.
  • A maximum of 15 beeps may be sent daily to numbers that are on-net (Jazz) and off-net (other networks).
  • You may turn off the service by texting “UNSUB” to 5188.
Additional Information:
  • If the receiver has turned off their phone, is not in-network coverage, or is on a call, the beep call will not be completed.
  • Enrolling in the “Do Not Call Register” and sending “ON” or “SUB” to 3627 will allow you to prevent unsolicited beep calls.
Here are some potential benefits of using Jazz Beep Call:
  • Alert someone of your attempt to contact them promptly and discretely.
  • If they’re busy, don’t bother to disturb them.
  • If you know they won’t answer immediately, save your calling credit.

With any luck, this information is helpful! Please get in touch with me with further inquiries about Jazz Beep Call or any other Jazz Pakistan service.

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