Jazz Sponsor Me Offer to Available Code

Jazz Sponsor Me Offer to Available Code

Make calls to anyone at the expense of a Sponsor.


Sponsor Me enables you to call anybody at the cost of a Sponsor, allowing you to connect to anyone on any network while using your Sponsor’s balance; the sponsor must be a Jazz number.

Oh, the Offer to Sponsor Me by Jazz! With this accessible service, you can communicate with anyone in Pakistan at no cost you’re simply adopting the guarantor’s call balance. But depending on where you live and if you are talking about the repaid or postpaid interpretation, the offer’s terms will vary.

Repaid guarantor Me:
  • guarantor Conditions The guarantor needs to be a member of Jazz.
  • Pondering the bill’s guarantor.
  • Benefits Use the remaining cash you finance to place calls to any network in Pakistan.
  • The diurnal subscription figure is Rs0.85( duty included).
  • To subscribe, either textbook” Sub” to 7008 or enter * 70#.
Postpaid Sponsor:
  • Depending on your particular postpaid plan, details may change.
  • generally, it entails setting up a chargeable guarantor line for phone calls.
  • For particular information on your package, contact Jazz client support.
fresh Notes:

You may use * 703# to find out how important plutocrat is left over for your guarantor.
To stop using the repaid service, telephone * 70# or shoot the textbook” Unsub” to 7008.
Depending on your area and particular plan, redundant restrictions or conditions may be.
Please let me know if you have any further inquiries concerning the Jazz Sponsor Me Offer, including eligibility, charges, or restrictions in your position! I will be pleased to help you in locating the data you want.

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