Jazz Call Forwarding Offer to Subscribe Code

Jazz Call Forwarding Offer to Subscribe Code

Forward incoming calls to your voicemail

Jazz provides numerous call-forwarding solutions for prepaid and postpaid customers. To help you choose, here’s a breakdown:

For Prepaid Customers:

  • Free Call Forwarding: Free basic call forwarding to another Jazz number is available when your line is busy or inaccessible or you want to be reassured. Conditional call forwarding enables you to specify rules for particular scenarios, such as forwarding only outside Pakistan. Condition and destination number determine charges.
  • Jazz Voicemail: Send calls to voicemail if you’re away. Voicemail is free with your SIM card and can be accessed via the Jazz World app or *99#.
For Postpaid Customers:
  • Basic Call Forwarding: Like prepaid, you may redirect Jazz calls to another number for free when unavailable or busy.
  • Advanced Call Forwarding: More customization includes forwarding to numerous lines, establishing rules for different times, and overseas numbers (chargeable).
Additional Information:
  • Use the Jazz World app, *247# USSD menu, or Jazz customer service to activate and adjust call forwarding settings.
  • Pricing for conditional and advanced call forwarding depends on settings and destination numbers. The Jazz website has prices and activation instructions for all Jazz Call Forwarding options: https://simpackage.pk/jazz-call-forwarding-offer/.
Please tell me the best deal for you:

Once I have more information, I can provide you with a tailored recommendation for the best Jazz Call Forwarding offer for your needs.


When your number is busy, inaccessible, or you don’t want to be bothered, Call Forwarding enables you to send incoming calls to your voicemail or another JAZZ GSM number. These basic yet necessary services are given free of charge to all JAZZ GSM subscribers. They are immediately enabled with your connection (except for Call Forwarding, which has minor call rates according to your package plan).​


Q: Do you require special features or options?

Ans: Understanding the context will let me recommend features and alternatives that benefit you. As an example: My talent for writing poetry, screenplays, and music may help you write a narrative. I may use Google Search to find and analyze real-world material for your study and match search results. You may ask me open-ended, difficult, or unusual questions and get helpful responses.

Q: For what do you want to call forward?

Ans: I’m a language model and can’t make or receive calls; thus, I can’t utilize Call Forwarding. I can explain call forwarding and its applications if you’re interested.

Q: Any Jazz prepaid or postpaid customers?

Ans: My huge language model doesn’t require Jazz prepaid or postpaid phone services. Internet access is my reality. For me, being a mobile subscriber doesn’t apply. I can help you with Jazz prepaid or postpaid plan inquiries from their website or other sources. Ask anything!

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