Jazz Conference Call Offer With Available Code

Jazz Conference Call Offer With Available Code

Talk to four people at one time!​


With the conference call quality, you can add up to 4 digits on a conference call, including on-net, off-net, and international numerals. Each ring record will be feted and charged as a fresh call according to the packet program. If you have free minutes, they will be destroyed first, followed by the credit on the prior arrangement.

Jazz has prepaid and postpaid conference call offers:


  • No subscription fee: Enter *188# to enable the functionality and add conference call participants. Calls between on-net, off-net, and international phones may contain up to four individuals. Your usual call charges or free minutes will be subtracted for each call.
  • Voice Infinity Offer: This Rs. The 100-per-month package provides unlimited on-net calls and 500 minutes to other networks. It offers free conference calls. For a subscription, call *710#.


  • R50/month subscription: Unlimited conference calls with up to 4 people, on-net, off-net, and international. Call 111 to join.
Additional Information:
  • During a conference call, you can add or remove people.
  • This conference call host is in charge of the call fees.
  • It is not possible to record conference calls anymore.
  • This should be helpful. Any other questions? Please let me know.

Note: Since I live in Kahror Pakka, Punjab, Pakistan, I’ve provided jazz services. Local promotions are available via Jazz customer service.

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