Jazz Notify Me Offer With Subscription Code

Jazz Notify Me Offer With Subscription Code

Always stay updated with Jazz Notify Me
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With Jazz Notify Me, you will get a text message on your mobile device informing you of the availability of the contacted party, regardless of whether it is out of coverage or turned off. Jazz Notify Me maintains track of your called number for 48 hours and notifies you by SMS when it becomes available so you may contact your chosen number before it becomes unreachable again.

Jazz has a service called Jazz Notify Me that notifies you when a phone number you contacted becomes accessible again, even if it was off-network or shut off when you made the call. When you need to get in touch with someone right away and don’t want to keep calling them while they’re not accessible, it may be useful.

Two versions of Jazz Notify Me exist:
Prepaid Jazz Notify Me:
  • Subscription: Enter *6528# to send “SUB” to 6528, or enter 65281# to send
  • Unsubscribe: “UNSUB” to 6528. All prepaid packages are available for Rs. 2.00 + tax every day.
  • Cost: tracks the caller number for 48 hours and notifies you via.
  • Tracking: SMS it when it’s ready.
Postpaid Jazz Notify Me:
  • Subscription: Enter “SUB” into 6528 or dial *6528#.
  • Unsubscription: Enter 65281# or text “UNSUB” to 6528.
  • Cost: 20 rupees a month plus VAT.
  • Tracking: It gives you an SMS message when the dialed number becomes accessible and tracks it for 48 hours.
Here are some additional things to keep in mind:
  • Calls made inside the Jazz network, or on-net calls, are the only calls for which Jazz Notify Me is functional.
  • If the phone number is prohibited from receiving alerts or is traveling, they cannot get the message.
  • Even after you get the warning, there’s no assurance that the dialed number will remain accessible.

I hope this information helps! If you have any other questions about Jazz, Notify Me.

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