Jazz International Direct Dialing Call Offer to Subscribe Code

Jazz International Direct Dialing Call Offer to Subscribe Code


Call your loved ones living abroad​


Jazz provides the convenience of its loyal consumers locally and globally by providing the finest international calling rates and international SMS for just Rs. 11.95/SMS (incl. tax).​

Jazz offers prepaid and postpaid IDD calls. I need to know your requirements to provide the best information:

Call quality:


Clear audio, no background noise, and genuine conversation are trademarks of high-quality calls. That improves communication, enjoyment, and understanding.


Perfect quality might cause you to waste time and energy resolving unnecessary issues.

Prepaid 456: Cheaper UK, US, and Canadian calls. Rs. 5.98/15 minutes, prefix 456. Valid for all Jazz packs.

Postpaid US/Canada IDD: cheap calls. Rs. 14.99/30 minutes postpaid.

International travel offers: Seven of nine overseas calls are cheaper. Available postpaid and prepaid.

I can help with Jazz IDD international calling, call costs, and taxes.

Please tell me how I can assist!

Jazz paid or postpaid?

Jazz is Pakistan’s largest mobile operator, with over 60 million customers.
Prepaid and postpaid plans are available from Jazz.
Prepaid users pay in advance using top-up coupons or online recharges.
Postpaid customers get monthly usage-based bills.

Select countries to call.

Want to contact a certain country and learn more about calling other countries?

If you tell me the nations you’re interested in, I can provide the country code, calling hours, and other information.

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