Jazz Resume your cellular services Offer to Activated Code

Jazz Resume your cellular services Offer to Activated Code

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Jazz believes in aiding you every step of the way by delivering exceptional customer service and convenience, ensuring that your communication experience is positive. Jazz Postpaid subscribers who have deactivated their cellphone services may now reactivate them by dialing *6767#. Subscribers may use this service once every 30 days.

Jazz Resume: Cellular Services Offer

There are two separate Jazz options for restarting cellular services, depending on whether you’re a prepaid or postpaid customer:


Jazz Notify Me: This service enables you to monitor the availability of a phone number that was previously turned off or out of coverage. You’ll get a notice when the number becomes accessible again. To subscribe, send SUB to 6528. Check https://simpackage.pk/ for further information.

Top-up and recharge: Simply refilling your SIM card with any amount will instantly restart your Jazz prepaid services.


*cellphone 6767#: If your Jazz postpaid services are inactive, you may phone *6767# to reinstate them for the next 24 hours. This may be done once every 30 days. Remember that you’ll still be accountable for any unpaid bills.

Contact Jazz customer service: You may also contact Jazz customer support via their hotline (111) or social media outlets to explore possibilities for continuing your postpaid services.

Additional Information:

Jazz provides many customizable postpaid tariff options to meet varied communication demands. You may examine their possibilities on their website:

simpackage.pk Before picking a deal, verify that you understand the precise terms and conditions, including any relevant costs.

This explains why Jazz resumes cellular services offered to prepaid and postpaid clients. Feel free to ask me if you have any more questions!

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