Jazz Budget Offer to Subscribe Code

Jazz Budget Offer to Subscribe Code

Rs.3.50 / 60sec (Incl. Tax)


Jazz Budget was created to meet your social requirements when you want to experience the freedom of pouring your heart out with friends and family at a reasonable price!

I want further details to enlighten you about the particular Jazz Budget deal that piques your curiosity, as others are on the market. The following are some choices:

  • A basic plan with lifetime validity is the Jazz Prepaid Budget. Jazz minutes cost Rs. 3.50 per 60 seconds, whereas other network minutes cost Rs. 3.50 per 60 seconds. 5 MB of internet bandwidth is included for Rs. 5. Each SMS costs Rs. 2.5.
  • Jazz Budget Plus is a more costly plan with more data and minutes. For Rs. 179, it comes with 100 Jazz minutes, 100 other network minutes, and 1 GB of internet access. SMS texts are 2.15 rupees apiece.
  • Offer: The Jazz Weekly Budget Plan costs Rs. 130 per week and offers 500 MB of internet data, 500 Jazz minutes, and 500 other network minutes.
  • Each SMS costs Rs. 2.45.
  • Jazz Monthly Budget Offer: For Rs. 249 monthly, you may receive 500 Jazz minutes, 500 other network minutes, and 1 GB of internet access. Each SMS is charged at Rs. 2.45.

You may get additional information about which plan is best for you by visiting the Jazz website or chatting with a customer support agent.

Here are a few more points to remember:
  • Pakistani rupees (PKR) are used to express all prices.
  • There could be taxes involved.
  • Depending on where you are, offers could change.

I hope this is of use. Please get in touch with me if you have any more inquiries.

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