Jazz Collect Call Offer to Subscribe Code

Jazz Collect Call Offer to Subscribe Code

Out of credit? Let your friends pay for your call
Subscription Fee
Rs.1.20/day (Incl. tax)
Subscription Code
SMS ‘SUB’ to 503 or dial *503#
SMS Unsub to 503 or dial *503#
Out of credit? Need to make an emergency call? Instead of you paying for your calls as the

the system usually works, Collect Call allows the receiver to pay for you.
Pay as You Go:
If you don’t want to subscribe Collect Call service, you can still send collect call requests

to any friends & family members.
Charges are 0.20 (Incl. tax) per PAYG request
Procedure to Make Collect Call:
You can make a Collect call by dialing 503xxxxxxxxx Or 50303xxxxxxxxx#

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