Jazz Missed SMS Alert Offer With Subscribe Code

Jazz Missed SMS Alert Offer With Subscribe Code

Never miss any SMS Now

Jazz provides two kinds of Missed SMS Alert services, one for prepaid clients and another for postpaid customers. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Prepaid Missed SMS Alert:

  • What it does: This tool tells you about missed SMS messages when your phone was turned off or out of range over the last 48 hours.
  • Cost: Rs. 0.91 (plus tax) for one-time activation. There are no extra costs for getting missed SMS notifications.
How to activate:
  • Dial *6064#
  • Text “ON” to 6064
How to deactivate:
  • Dial *6064#
  • Text “OFF” to 6064
Postpaid Missed SMS Alert:

What it does: Like the prepaid service, this informs you of missed SMS from the last 48 hours of inactivity.
Cost: Initial activation fee: Rs. 0.76 (tax included). No missed SMS alert fees.

How to activate:
  • Dial *99#
  • Choose “Value-Added Services.”
  • Pick “Missed SMS Alert.”
  • Enroll in the service
How to deactivate:
  • Enter *99# and choose
  • “Value Added Services”
  • Selected “Missed SMS Alert”
  • Disconnect the service
Additional details:
  • Missed SMS notifications will include the sender’s number and the first few words.
  • Responding to the alert with “SHOW” shows all missed SMS.
  • Failure to read missed SMS will remove them after 48 hours.

The Jazz Missed SMS Alert offer should be clear now! Contact me with any queries.


To provide connectivity in the digital era where clients must stay related to their treasured ones, Jazz is proud to present industriousness’s first-ever skipped SMS alert assistance. With Jazz ignored SMS Alert, consumers can recover their missed SMS from the final 48 hours if they were out of range or their digit was switched off. Once the numeral is active/online, they will be informed about the cut SMS while offline. Usage & Charges Notification: Rs.0.76 tax per opt-in.

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