Jazz Easy Offer To Subscribe code

Jazz Easy Offer To Subscribe code


Jazz Easy allows you to stay connected with your loved ones throughout the day, and that too at customized rates!

These terms and conditions supplement the usual terms and conditions authorized by PTA and agreed to by the client in CSAF or eCSAF upon connection or SIM activation.

Jazz has the right to set or change the price or rate of any offer, package, or bundle, or to withdraw, change, or revoke it at any moment. As per PTA regulations, affected consumers will receive notice.

Offer: No matter where in the nation any offer, package, or bundle is activated or used, its price and charges will be subject to all relevant taxes.

The charging system reserves a certain proportion of the available data volume in MBs of your package against opening or accessing each application or website on the device, so opening or accessing multiple applications and websites simultaneously may result in reserving all your available data volume or pushing upon your package’s base rate.

Round the bundle balance and recharge to the next full number.

Contact customer care if you have any questions, concerns, or needs.

TextingSENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) to 9000-PTA reports unwanted and unethical texts.

Using a different SIM or letting people use yours is illegal. PTA

Call 420 to prevent unwanted calls or messages (charges apply).

Text “ON” as well as “Subtraction” to 3627 to reject unsolicited telemarketing calls with “Do Not Call Sign Up.” The service itself is free for Jazz subscribers.

“Purchase of Sim” implies that an end user connects to PMCL’s network to get telephony and other services.

SIM is always PMCL’s property; providing it to a client merely grants usage rights. If the client quits employing the service for any reason, terminates his contract, or switches networks via MNP, he must return the handheld device to PMCL.

Postpaid customers will get bills on the 2nd of each month in 2024. This adjustment will result in various bills for execution during the month. The bundle prorates the minimum MB charges.

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