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Jazz UK Offer To Package Code

Stay connected with your loved ones in the UK.

Subscription Fee No Subscription Charges.


Jazzy is carrying on its tradition of providing the finest services possible to its users by launching a special deal that allows clients to keep in touch at the lowest possible call rates to UK (A phone + Mobile).

Unwanted and immoral (irrational) texts can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) to 9000 -PTA.
It is a criminal to use a calling card that is not in your legal name or to let others use your SIM card – PTA
To opt out of unwanted calls/messages, dial 421 (charges can occur).

Jazz retains the right/discretion to determine the price/rate of any offer, package, or bundle, and to modify, cancel, or withdraw such an offer, package, or bundle at any time.
When mandated by PTA laws, impacted consumers will get the appropriate prior notification.

All rights to use SIM are granted to the client; no ownership is transferred to them in any way by the issuance of SIM, which will always remain the property of PMCL.  the client changes nets over MNP in stops using the service, or the agreement is canceled, he must send back the SIM card to PMCL.

The overall terms and conditions that were properly authorized by PTA and accepted by the client in CSAF/eCSAF at the time of connection/SIM registration are supplemented by these terms and conditions.

Every moment the available data volume in MBs of your package can be reserved if you open or access multiple applications or websites at once. In this case, your pet may begin charging at the initial rate. This is because the battery charger sets aside a specific percentage of the available data volume in MBs of your package against opening or accessing each application or website on the device.

Each postpaid subscriber’s bill date will be moved to the second of the month starting in 2024. Customers will get a separate fee for the difference in days for the execution month due to this adjustment. Divided charge based on the pack will apply to min/MB.

Put out a proposal. No matter where in the country the required offer, bundle, package, or service is activated or accessed, the costs associated with each of these products will be subject to all applicable taxes, if any.

The following lists the relevant assessments and charges for usage as well as refill in Pakistan and the AJK region:
The percentage of advance income tax is 15% for every recharge.

For the federal state of Pakistan’s capital, the sales tax rate is 16%.
In the AJK region and the remainder of Afghanistan, the sales tax rate was 19 percent.
Bg is not subject to taxation.

Please contact us at customer care when you have any inquiries, comments, concerns, or extra requests.

If bills are not paid by the due date, there will be an extra fifty PKR late payment fee.

Pack accounts as well as recharging amounts can be increased up to the next whole number.

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