Jazz MYOB Make Your Own Bundle Offer with Subscribe Code

Jazz MYOB Make Your Bundle with Subscribe Code

The Jazz MYOB Make Your Bundle data and call package is customizable. Our industry-first product offers Pakistani Jazz prepaid customers better mobile spending management.

Key points to remember:

  • All-once bundles. After the expiration date, dial *303# to activate a new bundle.
  • Multiple packages with the same validity won’t stack incentive quotas (minutes, data, or SMS). Activate the latest subscription quota.
  • None of the bundle incentives will carry over.
Benefits of MYOB:
  • Personalization: Your budget and usage should guide your bundle.
  • Flexibility: minutes, data, SMS, and validity.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Instead of bundles, pay per usage.
  • Control: Transparently manage mobile expenditures.
How it works:
  • Just call *303# for Jazz prepaid subscribers.
  • Valid for 1, 7, or 30 days.
  • Preferred Jazz call minutes.
  • Call networks in minutes.
  • Set an MB limit.
  • SMS number choice.
  • Your customized bundle’s price will appear before confirmation.
  • Confirming your decisions triggers incentives and reduces your balance.
Where to find more information:
  • Jazz official website: https://jazz.com.pk/prepaid/make-your-own-bundle (English)

Confirming your decisions triggers incentives and reduces your balance.

Key points to remember:

This detailed description should clarify the Jazz MYOB Make Your Bundle offer.


Customers now have the choice and convenience to create their bundles thanks to our industry-first – Jazz Your offer. Customers may now construct bespoke packages by contacting *303# and selecting their desired validity and incentives.

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