Jazz Gold Plus Offer to Available Code

Jazz Gold Plus Offer to Available Code


Jazz introduces the Gold Plus postpaid package plan, which includes Super 4G Data, free Jazz minutes, other local network minutes, and SMS. Get Gold Plus to meet all of your communication requirements.

Jazz Gold Plus Offer provides:

Internet surfing, streaming, and downloading with 20 GB.
6,000 Jazz minutes for calls to all Jazz customers.
Four hundred minutes for calls to other Pakistani mobile networks.
6,000 SMS text messages.
Jazz Gold Plus costs Rs. 1,500 per month (including VAT). A Rs. 1600 security deposit is necessary to subscribe to the deal.

Additional Jazz Gold Plus Offer Details:

Calls above the specified hour cost Rs. 2 per minute (excluding VAT).
Data over GB costs Rs. 2 per MB (excluding VAT).
SMS prices beyond the provided messages: Rs. 0.75 (excluding VAT).
Jazz family and friend calls cost Rs. 0.75 per minute (without VAT).
Please find this information useful! Ask us anything more about the Jazz Gold Plus Offer.

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