Jazz Tunes Service with Subscribe to Code

Jazz Tunes Service with Subscribe to Code

Jazz up your caller tunes

Benefits of using Jazz Tunes:

  • Personalize your caller experience: Your favorite song will make your callers feel unique.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Choose a unique ringtone instead of the usual one.
  • Choose according to mood or occasion: Adapt music to emotions and events.
Costs and charges:
  • Subscription fee: Daily membership is Rs. 3.40 (tax included).
  • Downloading tune fees: Some downloading songs cost extra.
  • IVR and SMS charges: IVR or SMS subscription management may be free.
Additional features:
  • Apni Dhun: Customize your caller’s tune.
  • Temporary tunes: Set occasion-specific music.
  • Gifting tunes: Jazz subscribers may get tune presents.
For more information:
  • Visit the Jazz Tunes website: https://simpackage.pk/jazz-tunes-service/
  • Download the Jazz Tunes app: https://simpackage.pk/jazz-tunes-service/
  • Call Jazz customer care at 111.
How does it work?
  • Subscription: Jazz Tunes has many subscription options, including.
    Dialing *230# or 2301RBT code# on Jazz mobile
    Send “sub” to 230 via SMS and visit the Jazz Tunes website or app.
  • Choosing a tune: A large selection of jazz, pop, rock, Bollywood, and Pakistani songs is available.
  • Setting your caller tune: Make a song your caller tune for everyone or a select group of callers.

I’m assuming you’re inquiring about Jazz Tunes, a mobile network operator in Pakistan, based on your current location in Kahror Pakka, Punjab.

What are jazz tunes?

Jazz Tunes lets you choose music or tunes for your caller, which they hear when they call you. The typical ringing tone is replaced.

I hope this comprehensive explanation clarifies the Jazz Tunes service for you. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Allow your callers to groove to the music with Jazz Tunes. Click here to get material from a collection of over 400,000 tracks.

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